Compressed gas cylinders

What are compressed gas cylinders?

Usually, the cylinders to store compressed gas are made of steel or aluminium and are apt for medium or small consumption. It is the most common gas supply.

The temperature and pressure of these cylinders filled with high-pressure gases are closely monitored. In the case of cylinders filled with acetylene and liquefied compressed gases, weight is monitored.

There are cylinders available in various sizes, ranging from 2 litres to 50 litres, depending on the gas. Filling pressure can be between 200 and 300 bar.

OXIGEN salud includes a traceability system in all its cylinders to ensure the quality and safety of its products. This system consists of labelling all cylinders with bar codes that are scanned into the company's computer system. Like this, drivers and customers have all the information they might need about the content inside the cylinders, their capacity, risk prevention and other valuable data.

Types of valves

Compressed gas cylinders have different types of valves depending on the gas and the intended application. Valves help determine the appropriate flow and pressure of gas dispensing and protect the regulation system from bangs and falls.

OXIGEN salud delivers its gas cylinders with standard valves or compact valves including a regulator. Among compact valves, there are standard regulator valves or digital valves.

Smart or digital valves have a built-in pressure regulator, something missing from conventional compact valves. In addition, they are equipped with a digital display that offers information on filling levels, remaining consumption time depending on the chosen flow or warnings for battery level, electrical errors, non-optimal temperatures, etc.

The biggest advantage of digital valves is wireless communications through WiFi or Bluetooth for continuous monitoring of the state of the gas and the cylinder. This allows for an efficient, streamlined and more profitable use of the product.

All valves have a built-in handle for easy carrying and comply with international application rules.

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