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Telehealth has become a key feature of patient home care services. More and more companies and administrations offer smart telemedicine services for more comfortable and effective treatment in respiratory therapies.

OXIGEN salud has been developing respiratory telemonitoring treatment projects in collaboration with medical research organisations for years. The most relevant apps are MiSAOS and MyVENT, for telemonitoring of sleep apnoea and mechanical ventilation, respectively.

In addition, OXIGEN salud works with other suppliers of electromedicine devices to integrate telemonitoring solutions for other respiratory therapies, such as oxygen therapy.

Remote monitoring of home respiratory therapies enables faster and more timely interventions with patients and personalised monitoring. Moreover, it increases adherence to treatment and reduces costs and unnecessary travel. It also simplifies the study and research of several chronic respiratory illnesses after analysing the data obtained through telemonitoring.

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Telemonitoring platform for CPAC treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.
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Smart telemedicine platform in home mechanical ventilation treatments.
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