Carbon dioxide (CO2)

What is carbon dioxide?

CO2 or carbon dioxide is a colourless, sharp odoured, and inert gas found in the atmosphere. It is supplied in gas, liquid, or solid forms, depending on the intended application.

In the food sector, it is used to carbonate drinks, produce controlled atmospheres and preserve food.

In healthcare, carbon dioxide is used to preserve and transport biological samples, in cell cultures for diagnostic purposes and in endoscopy and laparoscopy techniques to enlarge and stabilize body cavities, providing better visibility of the surgical site.

CO2 has other well-known applications:

  • Fire extinguisher. Carbon dioxide is a colourless and non-corrosive gas able to extinguish class A, B and C fires. It must be used in uninhabited areas because inhalation is toxic. It does not conduct electricity and is stainless, which makes it ideal for areas with electric systems.
  • Carbonated drinks. It is used as a propellant in drinks such as beer, sparkling wines, soft drinks, cider, and vermouth. Carbon dioxide in food produces bubbles and is a flavour enhancer.
  • Fertigation and fertilization in agriculture. CO2 in agriculture can enhance crop yields, speed up growth, and improve quality while reducing fungal growth.
  • Oenology. Carbon dioxide gas and mixtures are used to keep barrels inert, while solid CO2 keep grapes cool during transport.

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