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The priority is always the welfare and quality of life of patients

OXIGEN salud gives maximum priority to its patients. The welfare and quality of life of patients are paramount for OXIGEN salud, a continuous and professional patient support service ensures quality monitoring.

The company relies on qualified and trained medical staff to take care of individuals with respiratory illnesses. It also counts on different types of customer support tailored to the needs of each patient.

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24-hour customer support

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24-hour helpline

OXIGEN salud has a 24-hour, 365 days per year helpline with specific staff that has all the necessary information to swiftly take care of the patient's needs.

Through this free helpline (900 80 80 89) OXIGEN salud supports patients in the following situations: emergencies, phone processing of registration and unregistration, supply requests, processing of incidents, transfers, etc.

There are other ways to get in touch, for instance, email, instant messaging apps, and social networks.

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Home care services

The staff of OXIGEN salud travels to the patient’s home to carry out the required respiratory service therapy. Home care services for patients are always provided in consultation with the referring health centre in the area.

Once the team arrives at the home, the equipment and materials are installed, and the patient is informed about the treatment and how to follow it.

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Face-to-face customer care branches

OXIGEN salud was a pioneer company in opening face-to-face customer care branches. These centres specifically target CPAP users with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

During opening hours of face-to-face customer care points, patients are cared for by physiotherapists, nurses, and medical staff specialising in respiratory therapies.

In addition, OXIGEN salud has equipped vehicles that can act as mobile face-to-face customer care branches to provide wider coverage to areas more geographically dispersed and with lesser population density.

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Customer care in hospitals and medical centres

OXIGEN salud patients can also receive treatment in authorised consulting rooms in hospitals and primary health centres in their province.

Like this, the patient can see his/her doctor and the medical staff of OXIGEN salud on the same day, avoiding extra travelling.

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More on customer support

24-hour customer support

24/7 helpline available 365 days a year to assist customers.
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How does it work?

Get to know the process and requirements of home respiratory therapies.
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Address change

Support to change the address of the patient’s primary residence.
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Travels and trips

Advise, support, and information so patients can continue their treatment while travelling or during temporary trips.
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Smart telemedicine for a more comfortable and effective treatment.
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Respiratory therapies

Discover the different home respiratory therapies offered by OXIGEN Salud.
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