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Gas solutions for each sector

Gas solutions
tailored to the needs of each sector

The gas sector requires diverse solutions to meet customers' unique needs and appliances.

OXIGEN salud specialises in packaging, supplying and commercialising technical gases for the food and industrial sector and medical gases for the health sector:

  • Food gases for hospitality, oenology and transport refrigeration...
  • Calibration and laboratory gases.
  • Industrial gases: welding, mechanics, livestock...
  • Medical gases.
  • Chilling gases.

Other services offered by OXIGEN salud include installing equipment to distribute and use healthcare gases in health centres and remote monitoring for hospitals.

The company’s commercial team designs a suitable proposal depending on each situation while helping the customer choose the best product and means of delivery.

Gases supplied by OXIGEN salud

Food gases

Used in the food and hospitality industry, oenology, restaurants, and agriculture.
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Calibration / laboratory gases

Pure and ultra-high purity gases for specific applications.
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Industrial gases

Gases for several applications: pest management, fire extinguishing, livestock farming, balloons and leisure, etc.
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Healthcare gases

Gases used in multiple health treatments and diagnostic tests.
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