Medical gases

Essential gases in numerous treatments and diagnostic tests

Medical gases are essential in healthcare because they are used in multiple treatments and diagnostic tests: surgery, analgesia, cryotherapy, pulmonary function tests, sterilising, pain relief, etc.

Depending on their composition and application, healthcare gases can be considered medicines, that need the prescription of a professional, or health products. All of them are authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) and comply with the law.

OXIGEN salud works with a wide range of medical gases used in hospitals in gaseous state (medical compressed gases) and in liquid state (cryogenic medical gases) for hospitals, healthcare centres and clinics.

The supply options for medical gases include:

  • Different capacity compressed gas cylinders for specific or medium-sized quantities.
  • Manifolded cylinder units for medium-sized consumption.
  • Liquefied gases for large consumption are transported in tankers to stock cryogenic tanks installed in the client’s facilities.

Medical gases are transported in cryogenic tankers directly dispensed in the client’s facilities and with special vehicles adapted to difficult entry points and special supplies.

In addition to medical gases, OXIGEN salud supplies medical accessories and equipment such as flow measuring instruments, outlets and regulators, and first aid kits with the necessary equipment for resuscitation in case of respiratory emergencies (in particular RCP).

Types of supplied medical gases

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Medical compressed gases

Gases in gaseous phase packaged at a pressure of 200 or 300 bars for healthcare use.
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Medical cryogenic gases

Cryogenic gases are liquid-phase gases cooled at very low temperatures.
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Services for installing medical gases

Designed to transport gases from the storage cylinders to the outlets of health centres and hospitals.
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Other gases supplied by OXIGEN salud

Food gases

Range of gases used in several sectors such as the food industry, oenology, hospitality industry, restaurants, and agriculture.
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Calibration / laboratory gases

Pure and ultra-high purity gases for applications in which high-purity gases are essential.
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Industrial gases

Gases for several uses and applications, pest management, fire extinguishing, livestock farming, balloons and leisure, etc.
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Chilling gases

Gases to regulate temperature, primarily used for chilling.
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Remote monitoring for hospitals

Remote monitoring systems for hospitals to control their medical gas installations.
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