Chilling gases

Gases for household, commercial, and public chilling.

Chilling gases are found in everyday appliances: fridges, dehumidifiers, AC units, vehicles... They are used to regulate temperature, although their primary use is for chilling.

OXIGEN salud supplies chilling gases for all kinds of applications: household chilling, commercial and industrial chilling, household and building AC, AC in the automotive industry, and transport refrigeration.

Different-sized containers are available depending on the customer’s needs.

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Other industrial gases

Pest management gases

Systems to eliminate insects and pests through liquid nitrogen and argon.
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Gases to extinguish fires

Inert gases such as carbon dioxide, argon and nitrogen extinguish different types of fires.
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Gases for livestock farming

Nitrogen supply for the livestock farming market.
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Gases for balloons and leisure

Helium and liquid nitrogen are two of the most demanded gases in the leisure sector.
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Gases for the engineering industry

Gases for assembly of parts by cooling and the cooling of mechanical parts.
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Gases for cryogenic cleaning

Dry ice for the industrial cleaning of different types of surfaces.
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Gases for welding and oxygen cutting

Several gases for metal arc welding, GTAW and MIG welding and oxygen cutting processes.
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