Cryogenic tanks

What are cryogenic tanks?

If industrial quantities of gas are needed, and movable cryogenic containers or cylinders are not enough, it is possible to install static cryogenic tanks that can store vast quantities of liquid-state gas, for instance, oxygen, nitrogen, or argon.

A static cryogenic tank consists of an interior lining of stainless-steel resistant to cold temperatures and an exterior lining of carbon steel, insulated with a combination of high vacuum and insulating material.

The tanks have a system that vaporises liquid to increase the pressure when it is low, as the tank empties. In the case of overpressure, it feeds gas to the consumption line so that the pressure drops faster. The system is designed to maintain steady pressure, meeting user needs.

They are equipped with relief valves and rupture discs to release gas if there is a sudden increase in pressure.

OXIGEN salud offers cryogenic tanks starting at 1,000-litre capacity. Other options are available to meet the client’s requirements.

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