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Types of gas supply solutions

Gas supply solutions
tailored to the needs of each sector

There are different types of gas supply solutions depending on the product application. In the case of compressed gases and liquefied gases at room temperature (carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide), steel cylinders or manifolded cylinders are used. Meanwhile, cryogenic liquids (oxygen, nitrogen, or argon) are transported in portable or static cryogenic tanks. Choosing one packaging and supply solution or another depends on the required gas and daily consumption.

All supply solutions are labelled with the gas they contain and comply with current safety regulations.

Types of gas supply solutions offered by OXIGEN salud

OXIGEN salud relies on two production plants to supply its different warehouses through a large fleet of vehicles, including tankers, lorries and vans for carrying cylinders.

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Compressed gas cylinders

Cylinders made of steel or aluminium used for medium-small compressed gas consumption.
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Manifolded cylinders

An interconnected group of cylinders tailored for dispensing medium-high gas consumption.
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Cryogenic containers

Portable containers for cryogenic liquids manufactured with double walls and vacuum-insulated.
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Cryogenic tanks

Large fixed tanks that can store large quantities of gas in liquid form.
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