Helium (He)

What is helium?

Helium is a noble, colourless, odourless, inert gas supplied in liquid or gas form depending on the application. Its name comes from the Greek word helios ("sun"). It is the second most abundant element in the universe.

Its most well-known applications include:

  • Welding and metallurgy. It is used as an inert shielding gas for metal arc welding. It is also used mixed with other gases, such as argon, to weld stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Balloons. Given its low density (it is lighter than air), helium gas is perfect for inflating balloons, zeppelins, and airships. It is also used in nuclear reactors and to launch rockets.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Liquid helium at -269°C allows magnet superconductivity and the creation of the magnetic field that generates the image.
  • Diving. Helium is combined with nitrogen and oxygen to produce breathing gas for diving because of its low molecular weight and, as it is an inert gas, it does not react with other substances.
  • Barcode reader. Some shops and supermarkets use helium-neon lasers in barcode readers, a type of low-powered gas laser that emits a red beam.
  • Other applications. Helium is also used in leak detection, manufacturing of special glasses, reactors and chromatography.

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