How does the home therapy service work?

Therapy service under medical prescription

OXIGEN salud always carries out home respiratory therapy services under medical prescription and in coordination with the corresponding health centres.

Once the request to start the treatment is processed, an appointment is scheduled with the patient in less than 24 hours, and the medical staff of OXIGEN salud comes to the home and is in charge of:

  • Supplying and installing the necessary equipment and materials to start the treatment following the prescription instructions.
  • Informing the patient and closest family members about how the equipment works, safety and hygiene rules and other related aspects of the treatment.
  • Checking that the patient has correctly understood the instructions and answer any questions.
  • Making sure the patient is comfortable with the new equipment.
  • Ensuring the patient’s adaptation and compliance with the treatment.
  • Regularly checking the equipment and replace the materials.
  • Offering technical assistance to solve breakdowns and incidents.
  • Giving information about how the OXIGEN salud services work:
    • Channels and phone numbers to communicate.
    • Initial schedule of calls and inspections.
    • Delivering the address, phone number and customer care hours of OXIGEN salud.
  • Identifying potential psychological and assistance needs.

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