Home respiratory therapies

Treatments for patients with respiratory illnesses at home

OXIGEN salud, a company specialised in at-home respiratory therapies, offers several treatments to help patients with respiratory illnesses at home.

Among the most important at-home respiratory therapies we find oxygen therapy, CPAP for sleep apnoea, mechanical ventilation, aerosol therapy and airway suctioning, to name a few.

OXIGEN salud has a healthcare team made up of healthcare professionals who take care of patients in a personalised way in their homes to provide them with the greatest comfort and quality of life during the treatment of their illness. In each case, staff installs the electromedicine device and the necessary replacement material to ensure correct adherence to the treatment.

Thanks to this home care model, patients can follow their treatment without interruptions under the monitoring of the prescribing clinician, and without having to travel to healthcare centres.

The company also has educational programmes for different types of patients and treatments, as well as plans for good eating habits, physical activity, smoking cessation and psychological support for both patients and their families and carers.

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Home respiratory therapies

Aerosol therapy

It is a therapy that delivers medicines by inhaling so that they quickly reach the lungs.
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Obstructive sleep apnoea

OSA is the most frequent sleep-related breathing disorder.
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Airway suctioning

Some conditions cause the accumulation of secretions that the patient is unable to cough up.
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Airway clearance

Therapy for patients unable to expel their pulmonary secretions.
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Chest physiotherapy

Interdisciplinary intervention and fundamental clinical treatment of some patients with respiratory diseases.
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Home apnoea monitor for babies

Prevention method of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
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Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry measures oxygen saturation in haemoglobin, that is, the amount of oxygen the blood carries.
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Oxygen therapy

It consists of administering oxygen at a higher concentration than it is found in the air (21 %) to treat hypoxia.
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Mechanical ventilation

A treatment that mechanically assists or substitutes the breathing of the patient through electromedical ventilators.
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Other therapies

OXIGEN salud also offers other therapies like carboxytherapy, heliotherapy, etc.
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