Gases for food and beverages

Gases designed for producing and preserving food and beverages

Food-grade gases are specially designed for use in the food and beverage production process and to improve preservation. To preserve the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of food and beverages it is paramount to ensure the highest quality and purity of the gases involved in this process, from production to distribution and consumption by the final customer.

OXIGEN salud supplies liquefied gases in cryogenic containers or high-pressure cylinders of different capacities, depending on the intended application.

Food-grade gas applications include MAP packaging and oil or juice production, among others.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) substitutes the air inside the package with a preserving gas mixture that retains product freshness longer.

The main enemy of food preservation is oxygen; nitrogen counteracts its effects.

OXIGEN salud offers a food gas or mixture fit to each product. That's why it suggests an exact composition for each gas mixture and recommends a specific application to preserve food, either packaged or frozen.

Oil production

OXIGEN salud supplies nitrogen and argon, two gases that are used in inerting processes for storing, grinding, and kneading of olives. These gases are also used for deoxidisation in oil mixing and homogenisation.

Afterwards, nitrogen and argon ease the inerting of the storing and bottling of oil. These inert gases substitute the remaining air in the containers, avoid oxidising processes and help preserve the taste and aroma of oil.

Freezing food while preserving its properties

Nitrogen and carbon dioxide in food freezing help preserve the taste of frozen products and avoid drying.

Inert Atmosphere Packaging

Nitrogen reduces oxygen inside packages to 2 %, extends shelf life and preserves the original taste, aroma, and texture properties. The quality of frozen food is enhanced and extended.

Juice production

Fruit juices suffer numerous biochemical, enzymatic, and microbiological alterations because of the unwanted effects of oxygen which cause taste loss and unpleasant flavours. Nitrogen injection counteracts these effects.

Other gases supplied by OXIGEN salud

Gases for agriculture

Appropriate to enhance crop productivity.
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Gases for oenology

Convenient for producing and packaging wine and sparkling wine.
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Gases for the hospitality and restaurant industry

Used in cryogenic freezing, cocktails, patisserie and beverage dispensing.
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Gases to transport food

Gases to move food in optimal temperature conditions.
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